Computing Wish List

Did you ever wish you could be better at something?  When it comes to computers and working with data, everyone appreciates improved performance, plus ease of use.  We’re all about making your ability to compute better!  We’ve put together a list of common issues businesses like yours deal with.  And the good news:  We can help you with everything here…and more!     If you have a Computing Wish that’s not on our list, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you wish you could…


  • Run my business and not even think about computers
  • Keep my data as secure as possible
  • Keep my computers from running too slow or breaking down
  • Set up my website to conduct more business online
  • Create a mobile app for my business
  •  Optimize IT Expenses
  • Minimize Capital Expenditures
  • Pay only for the computing solutions I need
  • Give my existing IT staff the tools they need to maximize their productivity
  • Be able to handle my own computers
  • Hire professionals to take care of all my IT needs
  • Simple and not overcomplicated IT
  • Run my office using my smartphone or tablet
  • Make the most of free software and online storage
  • Stop paying money upgrading my systems
  • Collaborate with my team, vendors, and customers even while away from the office

It’s amazing how much people have to put up with.  Whatever you have on your Computing Wish List, let’s talk about it and see what we can check off as DONE!   Email the Computing Wish Granters: or call us anytime at 424-CLOUD-04 (424-256-8304).nABLE Toolbox

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Free Trial

Free Trial

Request a free trial of nABLE!

We will customize nABLE for your business and your users.  There’s no obligation and a free consultation is included.


Banshee Cloud LLC will not resell your contact information, nor will we use it to send unsolicited email.  We feel that trust is extremely important and we will do everything in our power to earn yours.

We’re serious about this stuff.  View our Oath of Privacy.

Secure and Easy IT

Use one of the most secure systems available, with continuous backup, and immediate disaster recovery.

Get enterprise-grade virus and spam protection!

Benefit from a financially backed 99.9 percent uptime guarantee with continuous data backup!

Use a familiar, web-based management console for all services!

Fully compliant with and certified for:

  • ISO 27001
  • EU Model Clauses
  • HIPAA-Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA-BAA)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • SAS 70/SSAE 16

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Best Value

In addition to its robust security and backup features, nABLE is a powerful, innovative, and extremely cost-effective approach to working with files and documents.

Avoid upfront server upgrade costs!

Gain predictable monthly costs!

Stay current with the latest version of Microsoft Office!

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Best Value

Working Together Anywhere

With nABLE, you can be productive wherever and whenever you need to be!

Stay competitive with anywhere access to email, calendar, and files (on your PC, phone, and browser)!

Easily share files with customers and partners, with robust security!

Enable team members to collaborate on documents and projects!

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Working Together Anywhere

nABLE eCommerce

Now ANYONE can get a world class online store…in just a few minutes!

nABLE-eCommerce-PostWe have turnkey eCommerce applications that give your business a complete solution.  And if you’re comfortable with writing your own content and providing your own images (your vendors probably have product images you can use)…once we set up the site, you can maintain it and keep it updated.  Which means you won’t have to pay us to update the site!

Of course, you may want to have professionals create your content.  We can provide talented and experienced writers, graphic artists, and photographers as well.

We could go on forever about how amazing our nABLE eCommerce sites are.  But you can see for yourself what we can do.  And remember that we can create your own store, ready for you to add content…within minutes!


See a demo now!

To see a fully working demo, please visit:

Let’s Talk About What You’ll Need!

And when you’re ready to get your site up and running, reach out to us at or call 424-CLOUD-04 (424-256-8304).  You can also use the form at the bottom of this page to request a free, no obligation quote.  If you’re an existing client, you can also contact us by Lync and we can set it up over a video call (webcam not required)!

If you’re wondering why you can’t order it online, please understand that we need to discuss your exact requirements and plans.  We offer a wide variety of options for your online store and we need to determine exactly which site and services would be best for you.

For example, new a business with high potential for growth would use a different solution than a 3rd generation family owned store with a large existing customer base.  The former would probably need a scalable solution without any fixed cost, while the latter would possibly need a site with a flat monthly hosting fee.  This is a very simplified example and there are many factors to consider.  But it does illustrate a key criterion that we evaluate.

nABLE Toolbox

Request a Free Quote!


Banshee Cloud LLC will not resell your contact information, nor will we use it to send unsolicited email.  We feel that trust is extremely important and we will do everything in our power to earn yours.

We’re serious about this stuff.  View our Oath of Privacy.


YOUR Website

It’s amazing how even the smallest business is expected to have a web site.  Unfortunately, it’s also easy to pay a lot of money to web designers who may not necessarily produce the level of quality you need.

Now you can take control of your own online presence with our suite of nABLE tools.

YOUR-WebsiteIf you simply need an online presence, many of our products, like Office 365 come with a site you can easily set up yourself.  Which means that in addition to continuous, multiple redundant backup of your files, reliable email, video conferencing, and a host of other features…you get a full site.  All for a very affordable price!

But if you need more than just an informational site…we can also provide you with powerful, yet surprisingly affordable solutions.

For example, you can have a complete eCommerce site set up in just minutes and pay no monthly fees.  You pay only when the site is used, yet the cloud servers can handle as much traffic as you can generate and your visitors around the world view it from a server near them.   Even many of the largest hosting companies can’t deliver that!

If you need a web application developed, we can have it deployed very quickly and host it in the same robust environment.

All our web development work emphasizes setting up your site and applications so that you can easily maintain the content, including uploading photos.  So you won’t have to keep hiring us to keep your content and products current!

nABLE ToolboxAnd of course, we can set you up with affordable, quality-screened writers, graphic designers, and photographers to help keep your site updated.

Bottom line:  If you need any form of web design, development, and hosting…we can deliver professional, reliable, and fully scalable solutions at incredible prices.

nABLE Financial Management

nABLE-Finance-PostA business is not profitable unless it knows its numbers.  The good news is that businesses have had access to software to help with this since the first commercially available computers.

In the modern age, we can help you keep track of your finances.  And do it in the most secure ways available.

Our team has had experience with accounting and financial management software since the days of the first electronic spreadsheets.  We can provide you with the latest and best cloud-based tools.



nABLE Toolbox

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has made their industry standard software available through an affordable subscription.  Considering the cost of software like Photoshop and Acrobat, this now gives every business the ability to use the most up to date versions of the programs you need.  In addition, you can now use your iOS, Android, and Windows tablets to extend your creativity wherever you go!  Your work can be safely and securely stored in the cloud for access from anywhere!

nABLE ToolboxEver since the release of Creative Cloud, the incredible improvements Adobe is known for no longer wait for the latest release.  Creative Cloud constantly pushes updates that ultimately improve your workflow and make you more productive.

Creative Cloud is available as a complete plan, or as single apps (i.e. Acrobat or Photoshop only).  There are Education Editions as well.  If you collaborate in your creative work, Creative Cloud for Teams has additional tools, capabilities, and storage.

We are a Registered Adobe Reseller and we can provide you with this fantastic suite of tools!  Please email us at or call 424-CLOUD-04 (424-256-8304) today!

About Adobe® Creative Cloud™

CreativeCloud_TM_totem_5in_300ppiAdobe Creative Cloud is a digital hub where you can explore, create, share, and deliver your work using any of the Adobe Creative Suite® desktop tools, Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 4*, and new applications like Adobe Muse™ and Adobe Edge preview. Creative Cloud also includes new Internet-based services and enables the delivery of high-impact content experiences such as interactive websites and stunning digital magazines. By offering connectivity with Adobe Touch Apps, headlined by Adobe Photoshop® Touch, Creative Cloud enables a mobile workflow, from ideation to publishing, to bring the power of Adobe innovation to iPads and Android™ tablets. Creative Cloud gives you freedom to create, offering immediate and ongoing access to industry-¬defining tools and technologies, to serve a vibrant worldwide community of creative talent.

The 4 key benefits of Creative Cloud membership:

  • Get the world’s best tools: Members can download any of the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 apps, plus a host of additional tools and services, including Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 4, Adobe Acrobat®, and the Adobe Touch Apps*, for creativity on the go.
  • Create anywhere and share ideas: Use cloud-based storage and device syncing capabilities to access your work and share files with colleagues and clients.
  • Publish apps or websites: You can easily publish your website using Adobe’s hosting services. Deliver and sell your apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Stay a step ahead: Get upgrades to all new versions upon release, plus new features and services between releases.

* Adobe Touch Apps purchased seperately

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

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powerful-costs-lessAnd no matter what you do…DON’T SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON IT OR COMPUTERS UNTIL YOU LEARN MORE!

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